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Presqu'ile Winery
March 21, 2011 | Presqu'ile Winery

2011 World of Pinot Noir

World of Pinot is my favorite event of the year. Producers from all over come to my backyard to pour my favorite wine for me.

For winemakers, it’s a chance to share their hard work with their peers as well as their fans. For Pinot lovers, it provides a rare opportunity to try new wines (like Presqu’ile!) as well as new vintages of their old favorites while talking to the passionate people behind them.

2011 marked the debut of Presqu’ile at the World of Pinot Noir. Matt, Dieter and Jonathan poured our 2009 Santa Maria Valley Pinot and 2009 Presqu’ile Pinot at the Friday afternoon tasting to rave reviews. The Prince of Pinot, Rusty Gaffney, had some especially kind words for the new wines (read his bog post here).

The next day, my girlfriends and I did the Saturday afternoon tasting. It has become sort of a tradition for us and we look forward to it all year. The number of wineries represented can be intimidating. Two hours in, we realized we had only made it to the Fs. I think we may have lingered too long at the immense cheese spread. And then there was the 20 minutes I spent explaining the oddities of biodynamic winemaking. We’ll have to work on our focus for next year. But the event was, as always, a great success. We left the beach at sunset after a beautiful 75 degree afternoon and, unlike some other red varieties, with only slightly purple teeth.



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