Lamb Tartine + Chardonnay - SOLD OUT


For this week's Presqu'ile at Home we will prepare a Lamb Tagine with all of the traditional accompaniments. Tagine refers both to the pointed North African cooking pot it's prepared in, as well as the aromatic, richly spiced dish traditionally cooked inside. It should come as no surprise by now that we like the SPICE! Not spicy, but warm, rich spices like cinnamon, cumin, saffron and sumac. Spices that make ordinary dishes extraordinary. And this dish is no exception. A slow, braised Lamb cooked in warm, sweet spices, dried fruit, orange and almonds makes for the perfect opportunity to break out a vintage Chardonnay from our Library. A wine that is textured and creamy, while still taut and crisp. A wine made for the cellar that only gets better with age - our 2016 Presqu'ile Vineyard Chardonnay!

Join us this week for PRESQU'ILE AT HOME:

Lamb Tagine of ras-el-hanout ("head of the shop" spice mix), dried apricot, cinnamon + saffron, root vegetables + chickpea

Moroccan Couscous

Orange Blossom Yogurt

Roasted Almonds | Fresh Herb Medley of mint, dill + cilantro

Paired with a bottle of our 2016 Presqu'ile Vineyard Chardonnay

$90, serves 2-3 | Pre-order Required | Pick up Only Friday, 2/5 @ 2pm-4pm


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/ Lamb Tagine + Chardonnay
Lamb Tagine + Chardonnay - SOLD OUT

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