Wine + Oaxaca - SOLD OUT


This week's Presqu'ile at Home is inspired by the many beautiful cultures and cuisines of our beautiful Santa Maria, California! 

Oaxaca, a southwestern, coastal region in Mexico, is home to some of our very favorite local Mexican dishes, like tlayuda and pozole. However, the most celebrated, and Chef Julie's absolute favorite, is Oaxacan Mole Negro! Mole, the national dish of Mexico, has a long and flavorful history with the Pueblan and Oaxacan states. Puebla is generally regarded as the birthplace of Mole, while Oaxaca has staked it's claim as creating the best! Chef Julie's Mole Negro is comprised of dry ancho, mulato, negro, guajillo and chipolte chilies, Oaxacan Chocolate, Chicken + Chicken Confit, and no less than 25 other ingredients! Served with all the traditional and some non-traditional accoutrements we've paired it with our crisp and cutting 2019 Presqu'ile Vineyard Rosé...this meal can not be missed!

Join us this week for PRESQU'ILE AT HOME:

Oaxacan Mole of chilies, chocolate, chicken, nuts, sesame seeds + much more!

Four Sweet Corn Tamales wrapped in banana leaves

Salsa Fresca with pomegranate, citrus + winter fruit

Cabbage + Cilantro Slaw | Pickled Onions | Queso Fresco | Peanut + Pumpkin Brittle

Paired with a bottle of our 2019 Presqu'ile Vineyard Rosé

$85, serves 2-4 | Pre-order Required | Pick up Only Friday, 1/22 @ 2pm-4pm


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Wine + Oaxaca - SOLD OUT

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