Steiner Creek + Coq Au Vin - SOLD OUT


With the cold weather moving in this week, we couldn't help but crave the epitomy-of-French-comfort at home...Coq au Vin. Although there are many, many ways to make Coq au Vin, only Chef Julie can build richness and flavor that transforms this dish into none you have ever had. Whole Chicken brined in red wine and seasonings for 48 hours, then cooked low and slow in a red wine reduction with mushrooms, carrots, garlic and onion. Served with a house-favorite of buttered-spaetzle (think german mac n' cheese) alongside our 2017 Steiner Creek Pinot Noir. This vintage marks the seventh, and final, release of our prized single-vineyard Steiner Creek Pinot Noir. Located three miles north of Cambria, one tastes the severity of the site and, with a palpable sense of its oceanic origins, it transforms any pairing with its targeted fruit and floral nuance. Enjoy!


Coq au Vin of chicken, red wine, oyster mushrooms + bacon

Braised Farmer's Market Carrots (so sweet right now!)

Spaetzle with garden herb compound butter

Meyer Lemon Breadcrumbs | Parmesan + Gruyere

Paired with a bottle of our 2017 Steiner Creek Pinot Noir

$90, serves 2-4 | Pre-order Required | Pick up Only Friday, 1/29 @ 2pm-4pm


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Steiner Creek + Coq Au Vin- SOLD OUT

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